Once the microbials are provided the pure 100% oxygen environment that is provided by The BiO2 Solution™ system, they develop voracious appetites for organic material and become very efficient in breaking down solids. A symbiotic relationship occurs naturally between the microalgae and microbials. The microbials create carbon dioxide (CO2) that is utilized by the microalgae. The microalgae in turn create oxygen (O2), satisfying the energy needs of the bacteria. This establishes a naturally-occurring system that responds to the variable needs of a lagoon.

Relationship Between Oxygen Production & Cell Growth

symbiotic relationship between microalgae and microbe

Relationship between Influent BOD + Average Oxygen Produced
by The BiO2 Solution™ Technology

As the graph depicts, increased organic loading, results in increased oxygen production.

relationship between incoming BOD and Oxygen production by microalgae

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