Laminar Mixing Provided by Fine Bubble Diffusers

Lagoons that are designed using the Oswald system, or other traditional stabilization lagoon designs, are often shallow (1 to 4 feet deep) to maximize the amount of exposure to the sun. The BiO2 Solution™ technology includes fine bubble diffusers that provide mixing for deeper lagoons (5 to 15 feet deep). This allows The BiO2 Solution™ to be used in lagoon systems not originally designed as stabilization ponds. Circulation of the microalgae within the lagoon is enhanced by diffusers installed at the same distribution points as the weighted pipelines from the biological control center. The mixing system can be powered by solar panels connected to a set of batteries. These batteries control an air compressor, which pushes air through the fine bubble diffusers to create mixing within the lagoon. The microalgae are moved, along with the air from the diffuser, in a circular pattern from the bottom of the lagoon up to the surface. This mixing allows the microalgae to distribute more pure oxygen into the lagoon and allows the bacteria to have continual exposure to both the oxygen from the microalgae and the BOD and nutrients within the wastewater. This mixing system keeps the microalgae and solids in suspension, allowing more microalgae to have exposure to sunlight at the surface than is naturally possible. This is most beneficial during the winter when there are fewer hours of sunlight.

The amount of diffusers needed is determined by surface area and the total volume of wastewater within the lagoon. Each diffuser is specifically placed to yield the greatest possible mixing situation. The electrical grid can be supplemented with an alternate power source, such as solar panels, a gas generator, hydrogen fuel cell, or other options for backup power.

The Laminar Mixing: Creates Greater Oxygen Efficiency

  • Allows more microalgae to be exposed to sunlight
  • Combined with the stable addition of cultivated microalgae, can increase the efficiency of sunlight exposure by up to 200%
  • More control of the system is allowed by continuously introducing the desired species of microalgae and preventing other invasive species from growing in the lagoon.
  • Creates an 18” to 24” layer of microalgae
  • Distributes more pure oxygen into the lagoon
  • Provides the bacteria continual exposure to both the oxygen from the microalgae and to the organic material within the wastewater

Fine Bubble Diffuser for Mixing

How do You Determine the Number of Diffusers and Their Placement?

  • Total volume of wastewater
  • Diffuser placement to yield the greatest possible mixing situation
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