The BiO2 Solution™ system provides oxygen to a lagoon via multi-species microalgae (biological oxygen generators) that greatly improve wastewater treatment compared to both non-aerated lagoons and aerated discharging lagoons. This is accomplished at a much lower lifetime cost compared with mechanical surface aerators. A diverse community of microalgae is used for aeration of a wastewater lagoon. This assemblage does not include the well known blue-green mat-forming "algae" that can be harmful to a lagoon system. The BiO2 Solution™ system provides the necessary oxygen for bacteria to remove the incoming waste product also known as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

The application of a biologically based oxygenation system which can consistently control the environment within a lagoon system is accomplished through the utilization of three major components as follows:

Biological Control Facility Components

The biological control center provides for the incubation of the patented, microscopic, multi-species single cell algae which is continually introduced into a wastewater lagoon.

Biological Control Center at night

Vertical Mixing System Components

Vertical laminar mixing is provided by fine bubble diffusers that are strategically located within the lagoon. The air distributed by the diffusers provides a conveyance for the microalgae and keeps organic material suspended in the upper portions of the lagoon cell. With the microalgae and the organic material located in the upper portions of the cell, maximum oxygen creation enhances microbial activity. The vertical laminar air columns are critical in keeping the biological activity in the proper location. This action does not disrupt the natural lagoon stratification required to maintain a healthy pond environment.

Fine Bubble Diffusers for Mixing Microalgae

The fine bubble diffusers are marked at the surface by floating locators attached to each diffuser. This allows for easy location of the diffuser and allows for the removal of the diffuser should it require maintenance. The minor impact of the diffusers can be seen at the surface at each locator.

Wray, CO Wastewater Lagoon

Final Polishing and Disinfection Redundancy Treatment

An Electrocoagulation (EC) unit is added as an effective removal process in reducing 99+% of fecal coliform, eliminating the chemical and UV disinfection process and is effective in further reducing nutrients.

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