BiO2 Research Facility

Comanche Livestock was established near Strasburg, CO in 1970, growing to a 1,800-sow farrow-to-finish operation. Since that time Denver expansion has crept ever closer, with some developments nearby. Odor had become a challenge for the operation, and was certain to eventually become a bigger issue. Solids build-up were a problem, with the lagoons requiring two separate clean-outs at a cost of $75,000 each time.

Strasburg, CO
Project Goals: 

The goal was to be envirnomentaly-responsible by reducing odors and sludge buildup, increase dissolved oxygen levels, creating an effluent wastewater stream at a standard acceptable for center pivot irrigation


The primary wastewater lagoon had 6 feet of sludge, 2 feet of liquid, and a surface crust ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches. Dissolved oxygen levels in what liquid media remained in the center were less than 1.0 mg/L. The existing effluent was of such poor quality that it continually plugged the irrigation sprinklers.

The Approach Taken: 

The BiOSolution™ green technology cultivates microalgae that act like biological oxygen compressors. This patented formula of multi-species single-cell microalgae was introduced into the primary wastewater lagoon. These microalgae provided abundant oxygen to the lagoon and initiated, perpetuated, and maintained the process of rapid aerobic digestion.

  • Odor was effectively reduced from the lagoons
  • Crusting at the surface was eliminated
  • Sludge build-up on the bottom was reduced.
  • Readings for BOD, TSS, KN and NH3 were reduced.
  • Dissolved oxygen levels increased to the point that full aerobic digestion is occurring throughout the waste material

July, 2001                                                      November, 2001

February, 2002

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