The owner of a 1,500 cow dairy in Colorado recycled water from his waste facility for flushing within his 4 new free stall buildings. The operation is located adjacent to a newer residential development within a northern Colorado community. The dairy received many odor complaints from the adjacent residents of the town.

Project Goals: 
The Approach Taken: 

The owner of the dairy, in conjunction with a research project initiated by Colorado State University (CSU), looked at several alternatives to eliminate odor and improve effluent quality to a level where it could be reused as flush water for the free stall buildings. After exploring the initial costs, energy requirements and operational needs for several systems, The BiO2 Solution™ system was chosen as the preferred alternative.

BiO2 Solution™ Biological Control Center

BiO2 SolutionTM Biological Control Center


Independent testing, completed by Colorado State University (CSU) as part of the research project, showed substantial improvement in effluent quality and substantial reduction in odor.

Summary of Testing

Dairy Analysis

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