The operator at the Hydro Oklahoma wastewater plant has been recognized as the Oklahoma wastewater Operator of 2015 by the Oklahoma Rural Water Association. The plant was upgraded with the BiO2 technology in September 2013. This facility had been out of compliance for several years. The city was frustrated with the continuing recommendations by engineering firms to install an SBR system. The capital and O&M costs were beyond their ability to pay.

On October 21,2015, personnel from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)made an unannounced inspection of the Hydro facility. The DEQ inspectors were there for over three hours. The inspection began at the influent headworks and ended at the effluent discharge point into Deer Creek, the receiving stream. During the inspection process, the operator was questioned on all aspects and functions of the BiO2 technology and its effect on the plant’s operation and the quality of the effluent discharge.

At the end of the inspection, DEQ was complimentary of the conditions of the plant, no odors,clean discharge, and the operator’s knowledge and ability to answer all of their questions. This recognition is also the result of BiO2’s technology to bring the plant into compliance by achieving discharge numbers well below permit requirements.

This award will be presented at the April 2016 annual meeting of the Oklahoma Rural Water Association. For case study data for Hydro, click here.

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