Innovative Technology

The EPA encourages the development of Innovative Technology within the wastewater industry. The Code of Federal Regulations Title 40 “Protection of Environment”, Part 35 “State and Local Assistance”, Subpart E, Appendix E, Paragraph 6(e) summarizes the guidelines for the development and application of new and creative biologically based wastewater systems. There are six specific criteria which define Innovative Technology as follows:

  1. Life cycle costs are reduced by 15% compared to existing facilities.
  2. Energy requirements are reduced by 20% compared to existing facilities.
  3. There is an improvement in reliability and a decreased level of operator attention and skill levels compared to existing facilities.
  4. Treatment provides for better management of toxic materials compared to existing facilities.
  5. There are increased environmental benefits compared to existing facilities.
  6. The technology represents improved benefits of joint municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater compared to existing facilities.

The biological system developed by The BiO2 Solution meets all six of these published criteria.

Wray, CO finishing lagoon with train in background

Funding Sources

As a low cost Innovative Technology, some of the resources for funding include: The Clean Water Drinking Act - State Revolving Funds (SRF) (with a 20% reserve for green technologies), USDA Rural Development Funds/Grants/Loan Guarantees, Municipal League Construction Funds, Rural Water Construction Funds, Municipal Lease/Purchase Options, Private Funding and more. The BiO2 Solution™ system is an answer to constrained budgets. Its long term sustainability allows us to offer a variety of creative and affordable payment plans.


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